NAME                                                            :           ARINDAM SARKAR

FATHERíS NAME                                       :           Late Biswanath Sarkar

DATE OF BIRTH                                         :           3rd October, 1973

PRESENT ADDRESS                                  :           A-8/389

                                                                                    P.O.-Kalyani, Dist.-Nadia

                                                                                    Pin- 741235,

CONTACT NO.                                             :           2582-7816 / 9831872327

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION          :           ( a) Passed Secondary Examination

                                                                                    of West Bengal Board of Secondary

                                                                                    Education in 1990.

                                                                                    (b) Passed Higher Secondary

                                                                                     Examination of West Bengal

                                                                                     Council of Higher Secondary

                                                                                     Education in 1992.

                                                                                    (c) Passed B.Com examination of

                                                                                     University of Kalyani in 1994.

TYPING SPEED                                            :           45 W.P.M

COMPUTER KNOWLEGDE                      :           MS-DOS(Ver-6), Wordstar(Ver-7),

                                                                                     Foxpro(Ver-III PLUS),

                                                                                    Windows(98), MS-Office(Word-

                                                                                    2000, Excel, Powerpoint), Tally(7.2),

                                                                                    Fact, Internet, Pagemaker(6.5),

                                                                                     (Bengali top type Ver-1.0), and

                                                                                    Corel Draw(10)

WORKING EXPERIENCE                          :           1. I worked as a Data Entry

                                                                                     Operator(BPO Section) of

                                                                                    Netwatch online Pvt. Ltd. D1-

                                                                                    141/143, Sector-II, Salt Lake City,

                                                                                    Kolkata-91.( From April-06 to

                                                                                     March 07).

                                                                                    2. I worked as Investigating Officer

                                                                                    of Bankís (ICICI, IDBI and

                                                                                     HDFC) Risk Management Agency

                                                                                    (EKAYAIN INVESTIGATION 

                                                                                    CENTER, Kol-17 for 4 years.

                                                                                    3. I worked as a Data Entry Operator

                                                                                    in the Ranaghat, Nadia for 5 years.

LANGUAGE KNOWN                                 :           Bengali, English & Hindi.


Place : Kalyani

Date : 22/02/08                                                            Arindam sarkar